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(Sodium Metavanadate, EINECS No. 237-272-7)

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SIEF – Who is who?

  • Lead Registrant: Treibacher Industrie AG
  • SIEF Facilitator: Vanadium Consortium on behalf of the Lead Registrant.
  • Pre-registrants can participate in the SIEF at different activity levels: very active, involved, passive, and dormant.
  • The Vanadium Consortium is preparing the registration dossier, i.e. the IUCLID file, in cooperation with the SIEF. The Lead Registrant will submit the REACh Registration Dossier. All other co-registrants will refer to it when submitting their registration.

SIEF Time table:

  • August – September 2011:
    • All pre-registrants for Sodium Metavanadate were invited to participate in the Substance Sameness Survey.
  • October -December 2011:
    • The SIEF was formed. The Lead registrant was elected.
    • The results of the substance sameness survey were sent to all pre-registrants.
    • Respondents that participated in the Sameness Survey are considered to be Active Members of the SIEF. The Secretariat of the Vanadium Consortium will work with Active Members within each SIEF.
Substance Sameness Survey Results (status December 2011)
REACH-IT Pre-Registrants
Respondents to Substance Sameness Survey at December, 31st 2011
Pre-registrants whose substance is not sufficiently similar to join the SIEF
Intended level of SIEF activity:
Very active
Current number of potential registrants
Pre-registrants with studies to offer for sharing to the SIEF
Pre-registrants with exposure data to offer for sharing to the SIEF
  • 1. quarter 2012:
    • Identification of Downstream Uses
    • The Vanadium Consortium deadline is February, 29 2012 for reporting relevant downstream uses to be considered in the technical dossier required for REACH registration.
  • Future activities:
    • Preparation of the registration dossier:
      • The Vanadium Consortium has been actively preparing the dossier for more than one year.
    • Status of projects for preparation of the technical dossier:
      • Data gathering / relevance and quality screening: Completed for public & Vanadium Consortium data
      • Data gap analysis (read-across, derogation/waiving):  Ongoing
      • Commissioning / monitoring / auditing of experimental studies:  Ongoing
      • Technical Dossier / IUCLID compilation:  Ongoing
      • Identification of uses / tonnage bands (questionnaire surveys):  Ongoing
      • Environmental exposure (emissions data collection):  Ongoing
      • Human exposure (workplace, consumer, indirect):  Ongoing
      • Chemical Safety Assessment (CSA):  Ongoing
      • Preparation / Submission / Defence of Registration Dossier:  Ongoing
  • Get involved:

The Secretariat of the Vanadium Consortium will work with Active Members within each SIEF.
1. If you would like to become an Active Member, please E-mail the SIEF Facilitator.

2. Visit the Vanadium Consortium website page for progress updates.

3. Join the Vanadium Consortium. 

If you are not interested in joining the Vanadium Consortium, you will be able to access the technical dossier for this substance to do your REACH registration by means of a Letter of Access (LoA) on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms. You will be able to purchase an LoA from the Vanadium Consortium. An LoA will grant you the ‘permission to refer’ to the technical dossier for REACH registration. The cost of a Letter of Access will be dependent on the data requirements according to the respective tonnage band.

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ECHA Fact sheets & Guidance:

The Vanadium Consortium is acting as SIEF facilitator for Vanadium Consortium member registrants who indicated their willingness at Pre-Registration to conduct this activity for the substances listed on this page.