Why you should join the REACH Vanadium Consortium

The demands of REACH are prohibitively high for all but the largest organisations to manage entirely by themselves. REACH encourages cooperation and a collective approach to the sharing of data, and the formation of a consortium is one way in which a structured and cost effective approach to the pooling of resources can be achieved.

REACH clearly states "no data no market” so by understanding and complying with REACH the various vanadium-based industries in the EU can continue their business uninterrupted.

Collectively the Consortium can:

  • Start work sooner (no need to wait for the SIEF in 2009)
  • Share resources and costs in the most effective way
  • Propose and, where agreed, begin testing in time to support registration
  • Assist with REACH obligations in a structured and managed way
  • Budget and plan for compliance in a transparent and organised fashion
  • Prepare data that can be used for future global regulatory needs