Structure of the Vanadium Consortium

Consortium Assembly:
has full power and rights for the fulfillment of the Consortiumís aims, to establish the Consortiumís overall programme and approval of annual budgets. The Assembly provides overall direction and control and chair of the Consortium.

Steering Committee:
provides guidance, consultation and assists the Consortium Manager in all areas related to REACH compliance. Reviews and approves budget proposals before submission to the Consortium Assembly. The Committee can address, where appropriate, other major issues for consideration by the Consortium Assembly.

Consortium Manager:
offers day-to-day management and coordination of the Consortium and is the principal point of contact for all Members. The manager provides co-ordination of all scientific, administrative and financial matters and can involve consultants with approval of the Steering Committee.

Technical Committee:
formed on a case-by-case basis to develop test protocols, deal directly with technical consultants and testing laboratories, contact with ECHA on technical matters.

Legal support:
a REACH-experienced legal firm with offices in Europe, USA and Asia is available for consultation and advice to the Consortium.

Consortium agreement

Sideletter for new members
Internal rules for new members
Articles of association