Aims of the Consortium

REACH imposes significant responsibilities on all EU-based substance manufacturers and importers. These responsibilities are not new in all cases, but the requirement to provide a set of scientifically sound data and risk assessment, which is to be registered before manufacture or import, is new.

The REACH Vanadium Consortium is a voluntary industry scheme that invites all organisations and individuals involved in the vanadium business, which have a current or future interest in the European market, to join the consortium.

On behalf of its members the Vanadium Consortium aims to:

  • encourage and manage the sharing of resources
  • co-ordinate the evaluation of existing data and the generation of new data
  • offer support to members with knowledge and information on REACH
  • liaise with other REACH consortia (e.g. Fe for FeV)
  • provide a structured and cost effective approach to supporting your REACH obligations

Please note that the Consortium is unable to fulfill individual membersí REACH registration duties as these are the responsibility of each EU-based manufacturer, importer or appointed only representative.